Senate HELP Committee

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September 13th, 2017

On Tuesday, September 12 Governor Mike Leavitt testified before the Senate HELP Committee (hearing video here). During his testimony, he suggested creating a series of model waivers that states could choose from to help speed up the process. “By doing so, the federal government creates national standards but allows states to develop state solutions,” said Leavitt. He further explained, “There could be a set of standard waivers related to risk stabilization programs, redefining marketplace products or benefits, or alternative private exchange portals. This fosters collaboration and investment in the waiver process—as well as to expedite the application process.” Governor Leavitt said that he and Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander discussed the idea before the hearing. “What we’re suggesting here is rather than try to lay out 11 different categories, where everyone is exactly the same, the states have the flexibility to have actuaries determine if their benefit package is of equal value to those essential benefits,” Leavitt said.  (Axios article entitled “Senate health care talks focus on state innovation waivers” here; USA Today article entitled, “Sen. Lamar Alexander says patient protections will remain intact under short-term Obamacare fix” here; The Washington Free Beacon article entitled “Insurers Say States Need More Flexibility to Stabilize Obamacare Marketplace” here)

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