Cancer Treatment Costs are Consistently Lower in the Community Setting Versus the Hospital Outpatient Department

March 30th, 2017

Nearly 1.7 million new cancer diagnoses in the United
States are projected for 2017. Controlling the cost of
treating cancer is an important consideration for curbing
the overall cost of health care. We conducted a systematic
review of the literature on the cost of treating cancer in
the two most common cancer treatment locations, the
physician’s office/community oncology clinic and the
hospital outpatient department. Ten studies that fit the
inclusion criteria were identified and analyzed. The studies
differed in the cancers examined, datasets used, and
methods employed. Despite these differences, all identified
studies found cancer treatment costs were higher in the
hospital outpatient department. On average, costs in the
hospital outpatient department were 38 percent higher
than in the physician office.

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