What we do

LP Center for Health Insurance Exchange IntelligenceThe Health Insurance Exchange Intelligence Team within Leavitt Partners is on the leading edge of tracking exchange development, informing state and federal policy decisions, and assisting private entities in business development.

Our team has a deep background and understanding of exchanges, from the policy side to the technical requirements and infrastructure necessary to operate an exchange. Our team members have unique experience in building exchanges and analyzing health insurance markets.

The Health Insurance Exchange Intelligence Team advises states, health insurance payers, technology vendors, and trade organizations.

Featured Publication

Market Narrow Network -- 175Market Narrow Networks and Exchange Pricing

Narrow networks are reemerging as a hot-button topic in health care as many health insurance companies consider excluding more expensive providers and hospitals. Our study covers 53 urban markets and identifies which markets, on average, have the broadest and the narrowest non-exchange based networks and how much network exclusivity correlates with exchange pricing across markets.