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Our experts bring clarity and predictability to public programs. This helps our clients develop relevant solutions for policy makers and the patients they serve.
How will state health care reforms impact my business?
Your Dilemma

As Medicaid becomes the single largest purchaser of health care coverage, states are leveraging that purchasing power to initiate significant service delivery and payment model reforms which impact all payers, providers and suppliers who do business in the Medicaid or other publicly funded health care markets.

Your Dilemma
Our Solution

Our State InSight team provides you with industry-specific impact analyses and strategic consultation on state health care delivery system and payment model reforms so you can succeed participating in the public payer market.

Our Solution
Public Payer Expertise
  • State regulations and the impact of federal regulations on states
  • State health care coverage programs
  • Health care reforms
  • Alternative payment models
  • Delivery systems
Public Payer Expertise
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Our State InSight solution will help ensure you’re ready and able to continue participating in the public payer market.  To learn more, click the “Speak with an Expert” button below and we will connect you with one of our State InSight analysts.

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