The Purpose of FuturePanel

Leavitt Partners FuturePanel FuturePanel™ brings together former senior executives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, national leaders in health information technology, veterans of state-level health care policy, clinical experts, great economists and legal minds.

FuturePanel and the LP team gather, refine and produce health care intelligence.

It’s what Leavitt Partners calls health care tradecraft.

Health Care Tradecraft

Tradecraft is the word used by our national intelligence service to describe the process of distilling a massive amount of information into something actionable.

Tradecraft separates the merely interesting, from the truly relevant. Health care tradecraft is exactly what we do at Leavitt Partners.

We use a disciplined process, modeled after the information gathering systems used by the CIA, to brief senior executives about the future of health care. We gather, sift, refine and present crisp analyses that provide a window to the future of American health care.


Clients of Leavitt Partners receive regular video conference access to members of FuturePanel and the Leavitt Partners team.

In executive briefings, key decision makers spend time with Governor Leavitt, who chairs FuturePanel, and with the other members of FuturePanel as needed.

FuturePanel and FutureFrame

The LP FuturePanel integrates with our signature product, FutureFrame™.

Together, they bring uncommon and in-depth perspective to the board room. Top executives gain new insights that help them plan for the future.

Uncommon Access

Nowhere else can executives gain such personal access to the insight and experience of the very people who have shaped and continue to create the future of America’s health care delivery system.

Leavitt Partners is home to FuturePanel — a respected group of authoritative health care thought leaders.

Our team, FuturePanel and FutureFrame, help executives clearly see the future of American health care.