FutureFrame Helps You See the Future

We’re surrounded by uncertainty, leading us to become paralyzed or move forward blindly into an uncertain future. FutureFrame™ helps enlighten leaders in order to make strategic decisions with a greater degree of confidence and success.

Even those with excellent strategic planning processes spend relatively little effort creating and validating the assumptions underlying their plans.

It’s difficult to plan for a future you can’t see:

“No one in healthcare has figured out the new math of healthcare reform, no one is comfortable that they know what the future will look like.” —Chris Coburn, Executive Director of Cleveland Clinic Innovations

“The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.” —Peter Drucker

Strategic Planning Based On the Right Assumptions

Working with clients, Leavitt Partners identifies their highest impact future uncertainties by asking the right questions. From there, we employ three pieces of LP tradecraft:

1 – Gather Information

With the help of former CIA agents, Leavitt Partners developed a sophisticated information gathering and management system. This is the first piece of LP tradecraft in FutureFrame: How we secure and deliver the most important information to clients.

We gather and sift health care business intelligence through direct interviews with policy makers, published sources, analyst observations and reports.

2 – Develop Assumptions

The second part of LP tradecraft manifest in FutureFrame is how we develop assumptions about the future from gathered business intelligence. We organize working sessions, table top drills and scenario planning exercises with our clients and a group of national health care thought leaders we call FuturePanel™.

3 – Monitor and Refine

No matter how hard we try, we can’t perfectly see the future. That’s what makes the third piece of LP tradecraft vital: Constant monitoring and effective briefing.

Each of our clients is assigned an LP Briefing Team. Modeled after the morning CIA briefing for the President of the United States, we constantly monitor changing information and distill it into a crisp briefing session tailor-made for the needs of busy, top-level executives.

We segregate the merely interesting from the deeply relevant, and, through a disciplined process, present key planning assumptions about the future of American health care. From there, executives are better equipped to make decisions based on the very best information, instead of an instinct or hunch.

FutureFrame Clients

Leavitt Partners serves a select group of leading hospital systems, payers, pharmaceutical businesses, medical device companies and enterprises serving those sectors. This varied perspective provides us with an important cross-disciplinary view of America’s health marketplace.

Leavitt Partners, through its tradecraft and decision engine platform, FutureFrame, delivers unrivaled health care intelligence and the best available window to future of health care.