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Our unparalleled private and public exchange data, intelligence, and tools lead to smart strategies to aggregate lives and create more value for payers and patients.
How is the distribution of health insurance changing?
Your Dilemma

The distribution of health insurance is rapidly changing. The regulatory burden has increased, there are new technologies allowing direct-to-consumer sales, and there are new competitive dynamics at play. It is difficult for one team, or even one organization, to monitor and make sense of it all.

Your Dilemma
Our Solution

Leavitt Partners specializes in the development and sharing of insurance market intelligence. Our Insurance Market Discern data center is a tool for subscribers to leverage our robust tracking capabilities (200+ data points) and distribution insights.

Our Solution
What we Track
  • Up-to-Date, State By State Marketplace Developments
  • Robust Private Exchange Monitoring Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Record of Exchange Technology Vendors and Involvement
  • Key Distinctions Across State Medicaid Programs
What we Track
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With Insurance Market Discern we can help your organization stay current with new insurance market trends and go-to-market strategies. To learn more, click the “Speak with an Expert” button below and we will connect you with one of our Insurance Market Discern analysts.

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