CPC+ Collaborative

The Leavitt Partners and Forward Health Group CPC+ Collaborative creates a unique value proposition for payers and providers – it’s a coming together of expertise, data, and technology that creates real solutions for all stakeholders.
How can payer and providers work together for primary care transformation?
How We Work


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We are alliance builders. We bring a broad array of health care experts together to lead complex, interdisciplinary collaborations and produce solutions to some of health care’s most challenging issues.



How We Work
Forward Health Group

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#1 KLAS-rated population health tool

  • Easy-to-use platform that aggregates payer/provider data
  • EMR agnostic system
  • Industry leading SOC 2 Type II Security
  • Integrated care coordination and population health management
  • Streamlining the chaos, reducing reporting challenges, and driving clinician engagement
Data Enablement

Our convening approach is best enabled by the need for a common data and reporting language, thus Leavitt Partners has engaged Forward Health Group

Data Enablement
Leavitt Partners Infographic
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