We are alliance builders. We bring a broad array of health care experts together to lead complex, interdisciplinary collaborations and produce solutions to some of health care’s most challenging issues.
How can organizations across industries achieve goals together?
Your Dilemma

Health care organizations with divergent interests often face common challenges and seek common opportunities. It is increasingly difficult for any individual organization to drive resolution of complex industry challenges through old methods and traditional lobbying. At Leavitt Partners (LP), we convene, facilitate, coach, and advance alliances to help organizations effectively solve challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Your Dilemma
Our Process

LP’s alliance building expertise drives efficient solutions through the application of 8 critical elements.

Building Alliances
Common Pain

Health care organizations with divergent interests frequently face common challenges and seek common opportunities.

Building Alliances
A Formal Charter

A charter that creates focus by defining the alliance’s mission, scope and structure.

Building Alliances
A Convener of Stature

A person of respected stature is needed to bring the alliance together.

Building Alliances
A Clearly defined Purpose

A well-defined objective keeps participants focused on reaching consensus solutions.

Building Alliances
A committed Leader

Alliances benefit from a balanced, independent leader with regulatory and policy expertise to manage and move the alliance forward.

Building Alliances
Defining Common Ground

Transparency in determining underlying assumptions, sources of information, and standards to help identify solutions.

Building Alliances
Representatives of Substance

Alliances require the right combination of multi-sector, interdisciplinary representatives.

Building Alliances
Northbound Train

The alliances needs to create momentum and an inevitability that the objective will be reached and respected if people are going to invest time, resources, and reputation.

Our Expertise

We have strong regulatory and policy expertise and decades of government and private-sector experience.

  • Health Care Reform
  • CMS and Reimbursement
  • Public Health and Research
  • FDA Regulation
  • Government Affairs and Advocacy
  • Health Information Technology
Proven Results

Our expertise convening and managing alliances produces valuable results.

Proven Results
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With Collaborative Advocacy you can develop successful consensus-based resolutions to cross industry challenges. To learn more, click the “Speak with an Expert” button below and we will connect you with one of our experts.

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